Empire Rp Notice

Arious (the roleplayer) as he appears in the Empire Roleplay. He carries the hammer of Thor and the wings of Frejya bestowed upon him by his mother and father.

Arious the roleplayer is great friends with most other roleplayers. He is usually associated with Communism, Heavy Metal, and Vikings. He is very proud of his Scandinavian heritage and claims to be an actual Viking (which is complete bull, trust me, I would know). He's usually easy to get along with except considering he has a major sleep disorder he is easily pissed off. He appears in the Empire Roleplay as the grandson of Arious and the son of Aridottari.


  • He occasionally calls his opponents weak Capitalists and his allies his "Comrades"
  • He claims to be ScandoSlaviCan (Scandinavian Slavic and American)
  • He is good friends with Pandawolf, Sealife, and Johnthedragon
  • He created a couple hedgedragon characters but never really got far with them
  • He can occasionally be seen yelling "METAL \m/ >_< \m/"
  • He releases anger by sharpening his knife collection as sketchily as possible
  • He got bored one night and wrote this trivia section
  • His birthday is September 12
  • He is a huge fan of Ronnie James Dio