getthatcameraout ofmyFace

"is there a chAAAAAnce thAt, ma ybe, for onceinsteadofyoubeingsuch a huge bitch, i could takefullControl?"

Bizarrⓧ, pronounced as "Bizarro" and alternately written as "Bizarr(x)," is an alter ego of PandaWolf, and a rather dangerous one at that. She represents Panda's fear, sadness, depression, and suicidal urges. She usually comes out whenever Panda is depressed to the point of wanting to kill herself, or if a certain strangeness is in the air...


Bizarrⓧ takes Panda's form, but she possesses black, shoulder-length hair, chalk-white skin (which seems to be flaking off a bit, Full Metal Alchemist-style), and black gunk dripping from both of her eyes. Her arms are also completely bone from the elbow down, making them totally useless. One of her eyes is a hollow socket, with a white glow in place of a pupil (that seems to give an ominous light to her eye), and the other resembles one of Majora's Mask's eyes... but that one is always shut. And bleeding. She dresses in Panda's trademark green T-shirt and blue jeans, but they are darker, faded, and cling more loosely to her emaciated body. She also has a rusted chain around her neck, and blood on her shirt (revealing a slit in her chest) where her heart ought to be.


How do we describe such an anomaly? Bizarrⓧ is unpredictable, erratic, and overall just creepy. She acts a little like Masky/Tim/totheArk at times.


Being one of Panda's AEs, it wouldn't make sense if Bizarrⓧ didn't have any powers. Hers are, but not limited to:

  • Teleportation
  • Telepathy (though the connection is a little staticy)
  • Generation of shadow tentacles
  • Frightening people

And note that these powers are able to be used WITHOUT HER EVEN BEING ABLE TO USE HER ARMS.

Strange BehaviorEdit

Bizarrⓧ shows a lot of strange behavior. She not only is prone to seizures and can cause anyone to come down with a bad case of Slendy-cough, but other strange things are bound to happen when she appears. This includes:

The original image up top, minus the distortion and such.

  • Film and audio distortion
  • A sudden chill in the air (like when a ghost is said to be near)
  • Dead silence (even in a noisy area!)
    • The sound of chains rustling even then (Due to the chain around her neck)

Lunatic Mode (No, Not In The Touhou Sense!)Edit

The result of Bizarrⓧ doing a total takeover of Panda's body. In this form, her

The only known picture of Lunatic Bizarrⓧ. Why is this one not distorted, though?

other eye opens, tentacles wrap around her arms, allowing them to be used, her skin begins to flake off more, and Majora's Incarnation-esque horns sprout from her head. She also gains a pair of shadowy wings, and a strange medallion on her chain. It would normally take a hug to get rid of her for the time being, but that doesn't work anymore at this point... She also turns the world into GlItCh CiTy, and actually GLITCHES PEOPLE OUT OF EXISTANCE upon taking control. They get better when she gives it up, though. And this has only happened once... so far.


  • Panda refers to Bizarrⓧ as "a Creepypasta Incarnate". Given Panda's nervous attitude towards Creepypastas, this is not surprising.
  • Bizarrⓧ is in need of a theme. But it is NOT the Song of Sickening (Song of Healing Reversed).
  • Bizarrⓧ's concept is taken from a sketch Panda made on 10-8-11, titled "Slowly Dying". She was not in a very good mood that day...
  • Her speech pattern, erratic as it may be, changes when in Lunatic Mode. That modified speech pattern was the original speech pattern from the first reference sheet Panda did for her (which is in a sketchbook).
    • Panda imagines her voice to sound like her own, but in a whisper and heavily distorted. ...With some possible backmasking.
  • Bizarrⓧ's main quote appears to be "Is there a chance (that)... ?"
  • Bizarrⓧ's name is actually written with the "o" as an Operator symbol, but that doesn't always work, so it's commonly romanized as "Bizarr(x)".
  • When changed into a pony by Retzorg during a battle, Bizarrⓧ is a pegasus, and her name becomes "Despair Shade." Her abilities in this form are presumably the same as non-pony Bizzarⓧ's, with the pegasi's innate ability to fly; she is seen charging Retzorg and wrapping it in tentacles.
    • It should be noted, however, that being wrapped in tentacles seemed to not bother Retzorg, as it responded by singing "The Pizza Song," and, when she tightened her tentacles, it casually ate them like spaghetti. This could imply that Despair Shade is less powerful than Bizzarⓧ, or it could be due to Retzorg's intermittently carefree nature.