Camo l flauge by stormerstatic-d7h7nai
The founder of D.A.C.O.. Camo is an anole who grew up without a home. During his childhood, he'd see unjust goings-on everywhere. Thievery, break-ins, violence, and murder, among other things. Camo decided that when he grew up, he wanted to do the people a favor, and bring an end to the suffering of his world's people.

Pre-RP History

Many years ago, Camo was a young anole without a place to call home, his parents having been lost one night during a break-in. Camo was deeply upset by this. As he grew up, he saw others suffering, including one of his close friends, Longhop, and felt that someone had to do something about the DarkenVoltian way of life. One day, young Camo met Longhop, who was even younger than he was. He found out that Longhop had been beaten, several times. His head was hit so many times, he had lost so many brain cells. Camo noticed that the way Longhop spoke was off. He connected the dots and figured out exactly what it was. Camo decided to do anything he could to help him. For years, Camo and Longhop were good friends, and Camo was like a protective older brother to him. Camo wasn't sure if Longhop thought of him as like family, but the feeling of something like family, and more importantly, making a difference in someone's life, is what kept him going toward his goal to make the world a better place.


In the present, Camo gets together with his buddies in D.A.C.O., having been informed that Shred has planned to go back in time and kill Storm when she was most vulnerable. If Shred goes back in time and kills Storm, it would result in a major paradox.