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The Insane EarthBound Adventures Part 19 *Remake*

The Insane EarthBound Adventures Part 19 *Remake*

Some fan video. Warning: Contains some foul language.

Earthbound, also known as MOTHER, is a series of 3 games made by Nintendo/APE or Creatures, inc. or whatever it's called/HAL Laboratory, 2 of which were only released in Japan, and the other of which was heavily censored outside of Japan. Either way, the series is still well-love by many because it is a humorous parody of the entire RPG genre (except for the final bosses, which are emotional if not horrifying). Although the last game was realesed over a decade ago (besides for the protagonists of MOTHER 2/Earthbound and MOTHER 3 appearing in Super Smash Brothers), it still has a sizeable fan following today.

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