Clam Eyes

Real name:



"Either a highly-evolved mollusk or a mutant Hamburger Helper"[1] (as Clam Eyes), Hollow (as Freak Eyes), cyborg (as Tech Eyes)


5 January 1768[2]


203 at the time of Zwietracht's Revenge


Supported by cybernetics

Family and relatives:

None known


None known


Early 1900s, 1960s



"This is madness! This is Sparta!"

–Clam Eyes

Clam Eyes is a freak who appeared as an enemy to Retzorg in its very early portrayals. 



A cropped screenshot of Clam Eyes.

In his very first appearance, he was hit by a Shoop Da Woop from Retzorg, so he sort-of-died and became a Hollow known as "Freak Eyes". He later inexplicably became a cyborg-person-thing called "Tech Eyes." In "Retzorg and the Serbian", Thomas Edison bought him for ¥25 and dropped a bridge on him to try to show the people of Jump City that bridges were too dangerous for use in homes, and Clam Eyes died. He became known as a public nuisance because he was constantly yelling "I'M DEAD" and smelling really badly. Woodrow Wilson hit him with a hadoken for this, killing him.


  • By looking closely at more recent Spore creations of Clam Eyes, it can be seen that the eponymous clam shapes are actually shells over his actual eyes, which are round and uniformly orange.
  • Given how long Clam Eyes lives, even before his various deaths, Clam Eyes has an amount of longevity similar to some species of clam, with the oldest recorded specimen being confirmed to have been 507 years old at its time of death.

Names in Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Explanation
English Clam Eyes Derived from "Snake-Eyes" and "clam."
Deutsch Augester Portmanteau of "auge," meaning "eye" and "auster," meaning "oyster."
Italiano Molluscocchi Portmanteau of "mollusco," meaning "mollusc," and "occhi," meaning "eyes."
日本語 かきめ Combination of 牡蛎 (oyster) and 目 (eye). Romanized as "Kakime."


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