CryFaction is part of my (Thegrax's) new main RP. Current factions: Rebel Faction (SolFaction), CryFaction *currently the strongest*, InviniFaction *lead by Inviso*, SynnFaction *lead by Gorm*, and PyroFaction *lead by Vulcor*

About CryFactionEdit

Cryfaction was the first faction to start once the sun went black, giving it enough time to become the largest. Once the young heroes (Alex, Grax, Melom, Willow, and Hal) split up to do their own things. Cryoas took advantage, Reprograming Melom into a super weapon machine, and Hal into a titan (trivia: Hal always used to fight everything way larger then him aka titans). Cryoas also let the traitor, Willow, join. Over the time period, many humans and hybrids had been switched into vampeos, a different type of vampire with wolf like claws and speed along with the normal vampire stuff.


Captured: Gorm

May or may not have killed Alex

hates all other factions

Now controls about half of the heroes