December fools

December fools

Too bad they were 5 days too late and 2 years too early.

"December fools" is a video posted to YouTube by YouTube user Driko53F on December 26, 2010, starring Driko and Drogoth63. The video has since been removed from her channel.


Driko is standing around in a white room when Drogoth suddenly appears, causing her to fall over. She gets up and ask him what his reason is for his sudden appearance, to which he responds, "April fool's!" When Driko points out that it is not April, a beat occurs before Drogoth responds, "December fool's!" before dissappearing as suddenly as he appeared.


Drogoth: "Hey, Driko!"

Driko: "Ah! …What is it, Drogoth?"

Drogoth: "April fool's!"

Driko: "But it's not even April!"

Drogoth: "Uh… December fool's!"

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