The Deitic Citadels are a network of four colossal towers built as strongholds against the Revenant hordes. They serve as home to much of the surviving portion of humanity as well as bases of operations for the Deitic forces protecting them.


To actively combat the threat posed by the Revenants, the Deitic legions assigned to Alta deemed it necessary to have safe havens for both themselves and those they were trying to save. With the resources they had while still being supported by the rest of their kind, they were able to construct four towers in remote parts of the world where Revenants could not naturally survive to adequately establish themselves. The North and South Towers were constructed in the arctic at the poles of the world; the West in an arid, hostile desert; and the East rising from the ocean far from any land. Due to their inherent distrust of each other, angels and demons initially kept themselves mostly separate, with the North and West Towers housing demonkind while the South and East were made the domain of angels. After the fall of the South Tower, however, the angels there were forced to make an exodus to the East and West.

Each Citadel has a large sphere of influence that creates a relative 'safe zone' free of any major Revenant populations, a number of outposts and settlements housing scouts that weed out any that make their way into Deitic territory. In addition, a large underground transport system connects the four, though the tunnels connected to the South Tower have been collapsed to avoid opening others to eventual Revenant attack.

Fall of the South TowerEdit

Eighteen years after the construction of the Citadels, the mood was generally one of confidence. Both humanity and its guardians had been consistently waging war with their unconventional enemy, and had driven them out of enough land to safely allow for the construction of settlements outside of the Towers for the first time since the beginning of the infestation. However, the swarm was soon to remind them why it was able to destroy so much of mankind. Conducting an attack with previously unseen coordination, a massive Revenant force gathered to attack the Citadel directly, having been constructing an army fit for the job inside the enigmatic safety of a nearby Hive. Easily cleaving their way to the Tower's outskirts, the Deitic there were caught off-guard as an endless horde tore through their defenses and devoured their populace. Preoccupied, they were unable to stop a second, simultaneous attack on their home, a spore launched at the Tower walls like artillery. Within minutes, it had already begun to create a new Hive, the Sapiarch within converting their fortress into its own. Taking heavy losses and unable to push back the aggressors, the angels were forced to order an evacuation, destroying the path behind them to prevent the Revenants from following them to the other Towers.

This was a crushing defeat for the Deitic, who for the first time realized they were in over their head. Their leaders began to withdraw support, unwilling to throw away more resources and lives at a battle they now seemed unlikely to win. Eventually, this had the effect of leaving the forces there essentially stranded and forced to fend for themselves. With the resources they already had available to them, the Deitic of Alta were able to set up means to produce their own supplies, albeit at nowhere near the scale they had been receiving beforehand. Using whatever they could, they prepared for a long, grueling conflict with the odds stacked against them.