What is a Docodezo?

Dezo vision 1 confetti explosion by stormerstatic-d648fu3

Docodezos are an annoying species from Docodezon. Docodezos are usually viewed as a sub-species of fox-dragons, when they aren't even related to foxes or dragons. They like to annoy everyone or even everything they meet.

There are many different docodezos, such as elemental docodezos. Elemental docodezos only try to annoy anyone else who can control the same element(s) as them.

How to tell Docodezos apart from fox-dragons

  1. Docodezos always stink no matter what.
  2. Docodezos are born with fleas.
  3. Docodezos are weak against duct tape.
  4. Docodezos are usually very stupid.
  5. Docodezos tend to speak in giberish.
  6. Docodezos can't Triforce.
  7. Docodezos appear to be really good at destroying computers.
  8. Docodezos are messy.
  9. Docodezos obsess over chainsaws, but have no idea how to use them, so they usually end up killing each other with chainsaws.
  10. They use bubble wrap as a currency.
  11. Docodezos LOVE chocolate and other sweets, but their favorite is chocolate.


  • Static was the first to ever meet a docodezo.
  • The original Docodezo (the docodezo that Static met) sawed Earth in half with a gaint chainsaw.
  • Docodezos are too stupid to live, yet, they have a small civilization.
  • Docodezos live (or used to live) on Docodezon.
  • The docodezos' home planet was destroyed (by Storm of course), yet, they're still somehow alive.
  • The docodezos will do ANYTHING for bubble wrap, as it is their currency.
  • Their are also many other varieties of docodezos: good/innocent (brightendezos), evil (darkendezos), neutral (neutrodezos), and then there's just plain ol' docodezos.
  • The docodezos of different alignments all live on planets respective to that alignment: Brightendezon, Darkendezon, and Neutraldezon (yeah, SOOOOOOO original, I know).
  • Along with having 3 alignments, they also have different elements (ex: fire, electricity, earth, air, water, and love.) and/or talents (ex: rick rolling others, burglery, stalking, murder, doctors, leaders/rulers (ex: kings and queens), and the rare geek (most intelligent of all the dezos when it comes to computers & technology).)

Docodezo Stupid Ugly Image Gallery

A gallery made to contain all of the docodezos' stupidity and ugliness.

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