Ridley, an example of a typical dragon.

Dragon characters, or draconic characters, are fairly common on in the SPORE role-playing community, mostly existing as half or partial dragon hybrids. The Dragon archetype refers to characters who display features of dragons, are part dragon, who have dragon powers, or are a dragon.

Whatever a dragon actually is in that particular character's universe is the only real rule, as to what a "dragon" character is, as depictions of dragons vary a lot between character universes. Example: If dragons were purely mechanical beings in one person's universe, any dragon characters would still be considered dragons, despite also fitting into the Robot Archetype.

Common features between many dragons include:

  • Reptilian nature
  • Intelligence
  • Breath weapons (Usually elemental)
  • Flight
  • Strength
  • Narcissism
  • Lust for gold/wealth
  • Anger issues

Notable Dragon-Archetype CharactersEdit