Historically, the majority of the community's furry members have been little more than an annoying joke. Depraved, overexcited vandals who had little concern for anything apart from shoving their cocks down the any throat in sight, they were, to others, the black anthropomorphic sheep of the Spore userbase. These members have since left the community, often due to either the regret they felt over their actions here, or having been forced out because of them. Regardless, the 'furry' title has become, to many, synonymous with the degeneracy they once represented.


A 'furry' character is defined by an anthropomorphic structure as well as a basis in an animal or anything sufficiently similar, typically as created by a member of the larger, overarching furry community. For the sake of consistency, most universes including furry characters use them almost exclusively, with a wide variety of species contained therein. Due to their inherent ties to the furry community, the majority of furry characters also borrow a number of design principles from it, ranging from basic anatomical inspiration to various aspects of their personality, along with a 'looser' tie to reality than that of many humanoid characters, operating on their own personal laws of physics.

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