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Girt is a 16-year-old kirchin, which is a yellow haired species with large cat ears and a zig-zagged tail species, which was created by Girt6, or Clayton. He was born on planet Kirch and crashed down from it as an egg in a small pod. He usually wears a teal shirt and jeans or a teal hoodie with zig-zag patterns on it. His father, the king of Kirch, sent him to earth because the Kirchins were under attack and he wanted the prince of Kirch, Girt, to continue his legacy on Earth. On his stellar journey to earth, his pod flew through a large amount of space junk, within it was powerful dark matter which emitted a strong aura, giving him special abilities. Girt is pretty immiture and sometimes cocky during his fights, but devolops both physically and metally as he matures. Girt isn't very hard to kill and easily die from a blow to the heart or the brain. Eventually, when Girt gets older, he will grow taller, stronger, grow longer claws, the number of zig-zags on his tail will increase, and the spike on his chest will grow longer and harder.


Terezi Pyrope, Girt's patron troll (he is a libra).


Girt's OC on spore.

Roles in RPsEdit

So far, Girt6 has only taken place in three completed RPs. The first one was "Garlock's Revenge" a comic which he had made by himself and some other people helped him with it to. It sarted out as a small comic called, "The Raid" And ended under the name, "Garlock's Revenge." The second one is Bagel Kwest. Him and his freind, Theblaman were in this RP.

Well, he did battle against Azhurel 4 times and has never won ANY battles before. Azhurel is sometimes a little stubborn and says that his character cannot die that easily from a very strong and high powered move even though he should be dead by then. He fought Theblaman twice, Jimby713 once, and Cottonmouth25 once. He also fought Tenguman while in his form called Denga while he was fused with Discord. This caused Girt to gain a new form. It has never been named and it probably won't be. He also had a battle with Retzorg, gaining another unnamed form. Immediatly after the battle, Girt became involved in the apparently ended "Inside Giygas" RP.

Best FreindsEdit

  • Theblaman
  • Retzorg


  • Cottonmouth25
  • Jimby713
  • Feb23

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  • Everybody else on this Wiki

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Forms and AbilitiesEdit

Normal FormEdit

In this form, Girt weillds a steel scythe with small amounts of sorion melted into it. This is the form you will usually see him in. Edit

Pokemon FormEdit

His Pokemon form only has the abilites of a Pokemon and has the appearance of a Pikachu. He has the following moves: Thunderbolt, Thundershock, Volt tackle, iron tail, tail whip, growl, and the other moves that Pikachu has. Plus the ability, static. This form was used in the fight against Retzorg.  This form was more of a joke rather than an actual RPing form.

Insanity FormEdit

This form can control all reality and is aquired when Girt eats a ridonkulous amount of candy.  This form unlocks a new world for him to explore and his goal there is to conquer it and move on to the other Insanity Beings' worlds.  This form also transforms his scythe, turning it a lighter shade of neon/cyan blue and causing the blade to split into halves and be able to devour its enemies once defeated.  Once he takes on this form, he will lose the ability to regognize anyone. Since he's unconscious, living on his own insanity island within his mind, really just destroys everything on sight. So far, this form has never been used so far in a battle with anyone.

TL;DR: It's about as Mary Sue-ish as a Mary Sue can possibly get (well it would be, but it's never been used in a battle).

Dark FormEdit

This form is a form that can only be obtained through He obtained this form from being exposed to dark energy as a baby. This form is obtained when Girt suffers from the loss of a friend or loved one. He is able to fly, shoot giant balls of dark energy, create needles made of dark matter to impale his enemies, also possess others at will.

Dark Void FormEdit

This form gives off dark purple aura and gives off large amounts of powerful dark energy made from nothing. In order to go to this form, Girt has to first, go into his dark form. Then, he needs to be close to someone (so that he can borrow their energy) who has a large amount of dark energy. Someone like TheBlaman in his final Plasma demon form. The bad thing about this form is that while Girt is in this form, he is literaly cutting down his life energy to make himself stronger. Every second he is in this form, he is gradually getting close to death but getting stronger at the same time. Also, right after he gets out of this form he instantly faints. If not, he dies.

Dying FormEdit

Girt can only turn into this form when he is near death and has a very strong amount of willpower within him. His strength is enhanced by 5x. His blood pressure also rises drastically. He has some of the abilities of his Dark Form and only three of his Dark Void abilities. The only time this form was used was when Azhurel fought against Girt with his mascot Buffo. Girt was brought into this form from being stabbed through the forehead with a spear.  During his Dying Form, he turns a pale greyish color and the scaleras of his eyes turn black.

Super FormEdit

In this form, Girt's skin and body turns into sorion. (It's a type of metal like gold from the planet Kirch, but is more resistant and durable) He sprouts bird-like wings from his back, and grows longer hair. This form was used in Girt's RP called "Garlock's Revenge" in the process of killing Lord Garlock with the Kamehameha.

Tengcord FormEdit

Girt took this form while fighting Tengcord after he got hit by a Poptart with a rainbow trail. It has many different kinds of powers like energy beams, earth powers, and the ability to fly. He once made an earthquake while he was attempting to attack Tengcord.  He gained this form because of the poptart that Tencord launched at him. In this form, he turns a pale blue color, black eyes and  a red cornea.  His intelligence is also boosted making him better with forming battle strategies.

Absorbance FormEdit

Gives Girt super strength, the ability to fly, some different types of blasts, and poisonous attacks. It also has the ability to absorb other substances causing Girt to gain the object or foe's powers and weaknesses. This form has also been known to take over Girt's mind, causing him to lose acess of all emotion and memories.


When armed, Girt can be a very challenging opponent. He has a large variety of weapons but main weapon is his scythe. The sythe is similar to Maka Albarn's but with a dark teal replacing the red part of the sythe. His sythe can also shapeshift into different kinds of weapons and tools including the sword, pickaxe, axe, pistol, and when needed, a railgun.[1]


  • The creator is currently 16 years old.
  • Girt is 5'9"
  • Girt's OC started out as a small tiny Pikachu with some Lucario-like features who was just a random character in a comic.
  • Kirchin's usually don't wear pants.  Or shorts for that matter.
  • Kirchins are usually pretty short and Girt is tall for a Kirchin.
  • He was once turned into a latex Umbreon by Nether.
  • His home planet has already been destroyed.
  • There are 3 survivors of his race who live on Earth. One of them named Haze has been drawn and so have the other two. Haze is female and the other two survivors are male.


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