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Xenile in her AOTM form. No one knows if she even has a normal form


GordUnits are the basic robot form. There are A versions, G versions and every letter in the alphabet versions. Gordymad is actually a GordUnit. It is not known if he is a series or if he just added stuff to him.


Currently, four GordUnits have been made by Gordymad. Dash, Xenile, Dr Robot and Zeta. All of these shall appear in AOTM at one point.

Dr RobotEdit

Dr Robot is currently the only known medical Gordunit Doctor. His main colour is green, and secondry is black. He is quite light hearted but doesn't enjoy what he does. He says someday he's going to take a holiday to Hawaii. Little does he know he already has but Dash has removed this memory from his brain. He is able to reform his claws into medical instruments.

In AOTM however, it appears Gordy somewhat edited his programming. When the age began, he turned into a mad scientist, willing to do anything to get what he or his leader wants.


Dash is one of the fastest Gordunits known to exist, and is a good friend of Gordymad. Not much is known from him due to the fact that he hasn't been seen for a while. But if anything, they say he actually enjoys the AOTM.


Xenile is one of Gordymad's greatest allies. She has female characteristics in her programming, but is arrogant, independent and tough as nails. Gordy totally doesn't have a crush on her.

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