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Gordymad trying to read a book (and failing)

Appearance, powers and factors

Some believe Gordymad is epic, some believe he is a fail, the truth is that Gordymad is just totally stupid (second only to Tenguman in his randomness it seems, which he also the self-proclaimed rival of).

He is a robot powered by duracell batteries with his right arm being that of a laser cannon and the other being equipped with a set of claws(reading is another matter entirely). His randomness sometimes even confuses himself and he has a galaxy full of armies ready to do his bidding.

Gordymad's body is a model of Gord-unit. Mostly sentient robots that are made mostly out of rectangles, squares and cylinders. So far as we know, Gordymad is the only one with a gun-arm like that.

He totally doesn't have a robot crush on his "female" Gord-unit ally, Xenile.

Canon infoEdit

He was originally a sentient, self-aware AI created by Purple Scientists (specifically a Purple Scientist called "Scientist") in the universe of epic, an alternate reality where everything is epic which can be entered through the sentient Epic Portal of Epicness that only allows epic things through.

However, the scientists were in this for more than science, they wanted to use Gordy to conquer the universe of Spore. They knew that they couldn't send Gordy with an army, as they didn't have soldiers and they couldn't send him there alone in a body or people would get suspicous and deactivate him. They decided that they would place his AI in a meteor, send it through and let the inhabitants of Spore build him a body instead. The Purple Scientists did so.

The meteor with Gordymad's AI sailed to a planet and crashed into a Spore Roleplayer named Tenguman. Tenguman was fixed and the scientists who fixed him decided to study the wreckage of the meteor, where they found Gordy's AI. They built him his body and activated the AI, then let him loose on the universe.

Gordymad had only been conscious from when the normal scientists activated him and had no memory of the purple scientists or of his purpose, so he went about random business. Fate then decided that he would once again meet Tenguman (who never knew Gordy existed) and have an RP battle that would result in Gordy's core being infected with a powerfull kind of "dark energy". From then on, whenever Gordymad died (which turned out to be a lot of times) he would come back in a distorted, dark, seemingly invincible creature with the power to influence dark energy to destroy or infect and take control of buildings and creatures. This battle also led him to be introduced to the rest of the RPing community and he made himself at home.

At some point, Tenguman merged with the evil entity known as Discord that controlled chaos throughout the universe and went around causing chaos. Many RPers tried to stop him (or help him) and eventually "Denga" ran into Gordymad. Denga seemed to defeat Gordy by removing all hope from him until Gordy was hit by (he says) a "high speed bucket" and knocked out. Gordy was confronted by the Spore Scientists that built his body in a dream world. They inspired Gordy and told him that using cheat code: 1337 he could summon the power to defeat Denga, but he would also need to use his brainpower, as Denga (like Tenguman) was immune to normal lasers.

Gordymad then woke up, having overcome Denga's "negative ray" and once again confronted Denga. Gordy activated his cloning ray and cheat code: 1337 and had a stand off with Denga's negative ray. Cheat code: 1337 however, had not given Gordy quite enough power to defeat Denga so he started using his own life force (and possibly even somehow jettisoned his dark form) to power the blast. The cloning ray merged with Denga's negative ray, and when Gordy finally hit Denga, the feedback turned Denga into a stone statue as Discord and (for some reason, Tenguman) had been before the merge.

After (temporarily) defeating Denga, Gordymad had drained 97% of his life force and blew apart, his top half sailed off into space with his remaining systems failing, and Gordy knew his dark form had been disabled.

Meanwhile, in the Universe of Epic, the purple scientists had detected that their herald was dying and tricked the Epic Portal of Epicness into appearing before Gordy and teleporting him to the Purple Scientists' shed lab. The leader of the Purple Scientists, known as "Scientist" and the original creator of Gordymad greeted him before calling the other scientists over and giving Gordy a new body in between coffee breaks. When the scientists were done, Gordy noticed that one of his eyes was still practically destroyed, so Scientist gave him a replacement eye. What Gordy didn't know was that Scientist had placed a chip on the eye that was programmed to activate the AOTM process on the 31st of October (Halloween). The chip was also programmed to somehow rebuild Gordy when he was destroyed (presumably as a replacement for his dark form) and even had the power to set Gordy back to normal size or destroy force fields if necesarry. Gordymad then returned to the universe of Spore and was none the wiser.

As it turned out, while Gordy was away, Denga in the past had suddenly forseen how Gordy would defeat him, jumped out of the Sporepedia, wound forward using his special remote and jumped back in, completely skipping the ordeal. For some reason, this did not break the universe and everything Gordy had done was not rewritten. Gordy once again fought Denga and demonstrated the new powers the chip in his eye had given him. After a while, Gordy decided it was not his fight and left Denga to do his thing. Denga was later stopped by his past self giving him a hug. Gordy doesn't know either. After witnessing Gordy's new skill in battle, "Scientist" went mad and decided to write down all his plans and feelings in his diary captain's log.

On the 17th of October in the Universe of Epic, Scientist, along with help from another scientist simply called "Random Scientist" began the 14 day countdown to the start of AOTM. AOTM stands for "Age Of The Machines" and is when the chip in Gordy's eye fully activates and he becomes a God-like figure known as "Lord", summoning an army of other Gord-units and the Gordanian Empire to assist him in destroying or enslaving all organics except the Purple Scientists and allowing the Purple Scientists to rule the universe.

There was chaos in the Universe of Epic until the countdown was finished. The countdown broke down at 12 before being repaired at 2 and eventually Scientist killed Random Scientist in an argument about halloween.

Eventually, the countdown ended. Gordy's new eye became extremely painful and blew up, revealing Gordy's old, disfigured eye. This did not matter as the chip was now in his brain. Gordymad ascended and renamed himself "Lord" before taking command of his armies. What will happen after that is unknown but according to rumour, the chief scientist of the Gord-units, "Dr. Robot" has been experimenting with Renamonguy's retired "furry virus" in which the victim grows fur, becomes a kind of sentient (or otherwise) animal that serves Renamonguy. The rumour says he has mutated it into the mechanical virus, in which the victim slowly becomes metal and insane, serving "Lord".

Battle-related stuffEdit

Gordymad has fought many battles in his most basic of forms, pictured to the right, and has become mildly famous across spore for it.
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Gordymad, being all happy and stuff.

His main RPing shenanigans comes from his battles, most of which are with Tenguman, but also likes to challaenge other users(Acomet99, Lestrange, Pengoharrisfan1, etc), in an attempt to gain "world domination". He has yet to achive this, but is persistant and never gives up. The amount of battles he has and the fact he overdoes them is Gordymad's claim to fame.

The many faces of GordymadEdit

Gordyman has many, MANY, different forms and abilitys, some of which originated from Tenguman, but others were created to give Gordymad more options in battle. Here is a list of all* his power-ups/forms

  • Dark Gordymad
  • Overdone Gordymad
  • Transmetal Gordymad
  • Transformer Gordymad (he is an Autobot)
  • Lord (AOTM Gordymad)

There are probably some that I missed out but meh I don't care

  • Not all of them, there must be still more to come


In answer to many questions, Gordymad IS a troll. He is however, a different kind of troll, a cannibal troll, a troll that trolls trolls and only trolls, be they fail trolls or successful trolls

A good example of a fail troll being trolled by Gordy is Pengo, who decided to solve the situation like a "man" and block Gordy, he was apparently banned days later. He recently returned with a new account, apparently wanting "peace"

A good example of a successful troll being trolled by Gordy was EdicartsNNN on youtube. Once when Gordy was reading some of his subscriptions' walls he noticed that Edicarts seemed to be trolling them, he quickly went to his channel and posted a rather insulting comment, a few days later, the comment had been deleted by Edicarts. This only gave Gordy more ammunition, he quickly spread the word around the other haters of Edicarts that he deleted comments that offended him and Edicart's wall was quickely filled with people making witty remarks, within days, the channel had been closed by the user XD (this still makes me laugh)


Unlike a lot of other RPers, Gordy isn't the mystical fantasy type (although some of his storylines revolve around that theme). He is in fact, the Sci-Fi kind of guy, therefore having his own starfleet with loyal generals at the ready. Some of his most trusted generals are:

Gurus - a Pirahna (I know that's not how you spell "Piranha", just wanted to avoid confusion) who serves as Gordy's right-hand-man (fitting since he doesn't have a right hand). He serves as Gordymad's chief advisor and second-in-command. He also can be useful in combat

Galactus - a Turacarnus who serves both an advisor and a soldier, as well as the commander of the Gordy's Personal Guard (G.P.G).

Soflak - a variation of Turacarnus who acts as a strategist. Like the others, he's also good in combat.


  • Once when Gordymad got a new computer, he lost half of all of his creations!
  • It's possible that other than Tenguman Gordymad could have been in more battles than most people
  • Gordymad has become relatively well known across spore,. However, his subscriber level has only around sixty. (most people only know him through his battles and his frequent appearences in Tenguman's sporecast "the collection of win")
  • Gordymad used to be kept alive by a black, watery substance called "dark energy. It was removed during the AOTM roleplay.
  • Gordymad has three forms of which he is serious while using. These are Dark Gordymad and Black Lightning Gordymad and Lord
  • As far as his knowledge, Gordymad has more power-ups/forms than ANYONE ELSE because he's too rubbish to win without them
  • Gordymad has died several times, In his first and second battle with Tenguman, his battle with Lestrange and maybe more. I believe this is a world record MAKING GORDYMAD THE STUPIDEST AND WORST IN COMBAT SPORE ROLEPLAYER THERE IS
  • It is possible that standing at twice the height of Tenguman, Gordymad is one of the two tallest RPers (standing at an equal height to Renamonguy's new form)
  • No one is actually sure whether he is a robot that transforms into a tank or a tank that transforms into a robot. Even he is clueless to this question
  • Two people use the Gordymad account. Lord Artidax and Gordehmard (However ye' spell it)
  • One of the people mentioned above has aspergers syndrome that makes him able to think strategically faster than average :P. However, this does have downsides...
  • For a time he decided to speak in the same fashion as the epic robot HK-47. However, in time Gordymad realised that even HE was not epic enough to mimic this guy
The Best of HK-47 (KOTOR I)

The Best of HK-47 (KOTOR I)

Stupid, frail, non-compartmentalized organic meatbags...

  • It is not known what the scientists that made Gordymad used to bring him to "life" (since he is a robot this defies all logic) and Gordymad swears on his Nintendo DSi that one day he will find out
  • This point is now outdated as he has finally played Pokemon Black, Snivy FTW
  • He is probably the only RPer who has NEVER claimed to be "yiffy"...
  • Your mom
  • >:3
Halo 4 OST - "Arrival" 13

Halo 4 OST - "Arrival" 13

===Theme songs===
Nyan Cat - SUPER OMEGA ALPHA Extended Version

Nyan Cat - SUPER OMEGA ALPHA Extended Version

*Points loaded gun at my head*

Transformers Dark of the Moon The Score-14- It's Our Fight- Steve Jablonsky

Transformers Dark of the Moon The Score-14- It's Our Fight- Steve Jablonsky

Go to 1:17 for the most epic part

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