Grax is a demon from the Underworld who currently resides on Earth. She is the main character of the series Going Underworld.


Grax has many typical traits of a demon such as red skin, pointed ears, horns, wings, and a tail. Her brunette hair appears usually unkempt. Her outfit consists of a charcoal colored jacket with pink and black decals, a pink shirt with a white pentagram emblem, charcoal colored leggings with a black belt, black fingerless gloves, and black boots.


Grax was born and raised in Hell till the age of 13, at which by an unfortunate set of events, she found herself stuck on Earth. After countless attempts to find a way home, she gave up her search and spent 5 years living on Earth. Soon a new hope would show itself.


Grax is a kind-hearted but awkward individual. She feels great empathy for others and is willing to lend a hand to those in need. Her trust in trying to find the good in others can also come at her own detrimant, as she finds herself willing to trust too easily sometimes.


Her primary goal is to find her way home to the Underworld and reconnect with her mother.





  • Devil in Disguise: Grax can hide all demon features of their body to appear as a normal pale-skinned human, this disables their access to all other demon based abilities.
  • Hades' Wings: Grax can fly for a short duration or descend slowly in the air.
  • Demonic Knowledge: The ability to read and speak a demonic language as well as identify things as being otherworldly by their aura
  • Little Lucifers: Creates sentient fireballs that can explode at will or perform basic tasks. They will sizzle out of existence over a short period of time. The fireballs are nicknamed "Lucy" or "Lucies" by Grax. Grax's supply of demon fire is limited, allowing only a certain amount to exist at once. If too many Lucies are in existence at once, they will either shrink in power to compensate or sizzle out. Lucies can also combine together to create a larger explosion/fire. Grax can summon a Lucy to be used as a standard thrown fireball as well. All fires created will not spread beyond the initial explosion, instead sizzling out once Grax needs more demon fire.


  • The name "TheGrax" comes from the race in Spore known as "The Grox" along with the letter "a" representing the name "Alex". This username continues to be used as of 2020 in the form of Grax/Gracks.
  • Grax was first concepted sometime in 2010.
  • Artwork courtesy of my friend Melon (no accounts I can link!)
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