You can see the family resemblance.

Gyigo is a red guy who was formerly named "Giygas" after his infamous forefather. He looks exactly like said forefather and sometimes helps Captain Retzorg.

The Little Information That is Known about GyigoEdit

  • He is able to use PSI Rockin.
  • He is able to access a more humanoid form like his forefather can.
  • He is an extreme omnivore who once ingested both Retzorg and Girt.
  • He drives a magical steamroller that has the ability to access the inside of anybody's dreams. Thanks to this steamroller, he and Captain Retzorg almost always have together-dreams, whether the captain likes it or not.
  • He has never been seen talking.
  • He is capable of crying.
  • He wants to be a freak but automatically can't because he hasn't appeared in any Mario shames. He would definitely be a freak if he appeared in said shames, though.
  • His name starts with a G.

Names in Other LanguagesEdit

Language Name Explanation
English Gyigo Based on "Gyiyg."
Deutsch Giewgo Based on English name.
Русский Гиго Cyrillic reading of "Gigo" or "Gyigo."
日本語 ギーゴ Romanized as "Gīgo;" may be based on "Gīgu."