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Energy wave

"Lol ice slasher is so broke"

–Spore user Tenguman on Ice Slasher[1]

Ice Slasher is an energy wave technique used by Ice Man, Mega Man, and Retzorg. The technique originated as a special weapon of the same name from the first Mega Man game.


The Ice Slasher is used by launching a blue-and-white, pointed blade. The Ice Slasher is not affected by gravity, and will move at a constant speed in the direction it is launched indefinitely. It can travel through targets it hits, and, in some portrayals, solid objects.

Any target hit by the Ice Slasher will become completely frozen in place. Despite freezing its target solid, the Ice Slasher usually does not do direct damage. It does, however, leave the target vulnerable, allowing the user to either follow up with a strong attack or escape from the target.

Retzorg uses this technique in its Battle with Tenguman, freezing him solid. Once Tenguman is frozen, Retzorg throws him into a wall with Super Arm, dealing some damage, but also thawing him out.


  • In the Battle between Retzorg and Tenguman, the Ice Slasher is actually the second ice-themed technique originating from the Mega Man series that Retzorg uses on Tenguman. When it uses the Ice Slasher, it has previously used Ice Wave.
    • The Ice Slasher and Ice Wave's roles in the turns they are used on in said battle are opposite: Retzorg uses the Ice Wave to damage Tenguman after immobilizing him with the Flash Stopper, and it uses the Ice Slasher to immobilize Tenguman before damaging him with the Super Arm.


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