Tenguman (host), Fantasy Shadow (roommate)

"Here's an idea... I pr0p0se we share this hunk 0f garbage."


LaV is an otherworldly being who possesses Tenguman. Its speech is written using "0" to replace any instance of the letter "o."



LaV viewed from the front.

LaV is described as lacking a physical form. It does, however, appear to have a purple, serpentine form. The end of its body is mauve- and orchid-striped, and an orchid-coloured frill separates the end from a round, heather-coloured head. It appears to be wearing a deep violet baseball cap on its head, which obscures all of its face above its nose. Additionally, it seems to bear a perpetual smile.



LaV examines Tenguman's body. (Animated)

Long after Tenguman shut down after Fantasy Shadow had him bound, LaV appeared in front of Tenguman's body before entering and possessing it. Fantasy Shadow then appeared and entered his body as well, and the two agreed to share Tenguman's body. When this body confronted Tango, it was quickly reverted back to Fantasy Shadow's base form, and Fantasy Shadow was then destroyed outright by him. Because only Fantasy Shadow's inclusion in the body was addressed, however, LaV's fate is entirely unknown.



Tenguman after being possessed by LaV and Fantasy Shadow.

Lacking a physical form, LaV is able to levitate. It is characterized by its ability to possess mechanical objects, such as Tenguman's body. When it possesses an object, it will completely override any entity previously present within the object; it does, however, appear to be able to control this ability, as it agrees to coexist with Fantasy Shadow when they possess Tenguman's body.


  • LaV's hat, and especially how it obscures its eyes, is a reference to its creator's habit of wearing a baseball cap in such a way that his eyes are usually obscured.