Negative Ray
Denga's Negative Ray

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Energy wave

The Negative Ray is an energy wave technique used by Denga and Discorretzorg.



Discorretzorg using the Negative Ray.

The Negative Ray is a beam of energy that is fired from the user's right hand-replacing second mouth after a short charging time. The move does no direct damage, but instead instantly brainwashes the target, inverting the target's personality. Depending on the portrayal, the brainwashed target may have a partially desaturated color scheme.

When used by Discorretzorg, the technique also gives the user a corporeal form of the brainwashed target's former personality. This manifestation may be returned to the target to undo the negative ray's effects on the target. It is unknown whether Denga is also capable of doing this.

Despite not being an offensive technique that does direct damage, the Negative Ray has practicality in combat, as it makes an assailant immediately lose interest in apprehending the user. When Denga goes on a rampage, he uses it against multiple targets, causing them to embrace the ensuing chaos instead of trying to stop it. When Girt becomes crazed with his newfound power after absorbing Retzorg's Magic Chromium Armor, Discorretzorg uses the Negative Ray to make him act lethargically before eventually returning Girt's personality once Mimi appears as a threat.


  • DengaNegRayCharge

    Denga charging the attack.

    The Negative Ray is based on Discord's ability to corrupt ponies, as the effects of Discord's brainwashing and the Negative Ray are identical. Only the means of the two techniques are different.
  • After turning Drogoth into a baby dragon, Denga stated that, since he isn't a pony, the Negative Ray would have no effect on him. When used by Discorretzorg against Girt, however, the technique worked, so it is unknown if it effects Kirchins but not dragons, Denga was simply wrong in assuming that it would not effect Drogoth, or if Denga and Discorretzorg's Negative Rays are different in whether they effect non-ponies.
  • While Denga's charging of the Negative Ray is shown, this is not the case for Discorretzorg. This is likely due to wanting to be concise with storytelling in terms of creations made.