Don't Say Furfag When You Think of Me
A picture of PandaWolf. Here animalistic side, seen commonly on SPORE, is on the right.

Real name:



January 17




Healthy, but not entirely sane

Family and relatives:

Endymion (future husband)


None known


Not dead



A lot of people know her from her knack of sticking her nose in other people's business (i.e. getting involved in other RPs from out of the blue, etc.). She has a love of drawing, singing, protecting her friends, and torturing anyone she hates/tries to get in between her friends and her. Also, despite her animalistic appearance, she is not a furry, and she will maim anyone who accuses her of being one, as demonstrated in her battle against Retzorg.


You could say that Panda is a kind, sweet, somewhat scatterbrained girl who will go out of her way to protect her friends in a pinch. However, she is insane, sadistic, and a Yandere (that means she's sweet on the outside, but evil, and somewhat clingy to those she shows affecton to, on the inside), which means if you piss her off, you can only expect to become roadkill. She also has a tendency to be completely random-- she'll be threatening you with death one moment, then meowing sweetly like a cat the next. Yeah, it's just one big lipped alligator moment after another with her…


Panda is notorious for having the ability to activate her enigmatic powers with a simple snap of her fingers. Actions that she can perform with this ability are, and are not limited to:

  • Healing herself or others
  • Teleportation (of people and objects)
  • Invisibility (rarely used)
  • Switching forms (see below)

Also, she is capable of telepathy, telekinesis, and various other psychic abilities. This makes her even MORE dangerous to underestimate.


She has too many to count, due to her taking interest in so many things. Here are the main ones that she uses:

  • Animalistic (Her trademark form, with black wolf ears, and two wolf tails.)
  • Human (Her "Natural" form.)
  • Hollow (A Vasto Lordes-class Hollow that resembles a dragon, but has the tail of a scorpion.)
  • Arrancar (She is, in her comics, Espada #1, but is much stronger than even Espada #0! ...Due to her FOE-likeness.)
  • Weavile (Rarely seen, but it's possible that she is one.)
  • Corrupted (Due to her being identified as a Lorican, in a pinch, she will become this form. Highly powerful, but it kills her after using it.)
  • One-Winged Angel (You'd better HOPE you do NOT get her into THIS form. Her strength rivals even Sephiroth [Final Fantasy 7], who this form resembles strongly.)
  • PANDABRINE (Inside joke regarding Minecraft.)
  • Regret (It's just a skeleton. Only happens when she's undergoing trouble with her friends.)
  • Kokiri (She's stopped using this one thanks to BEN, but Skyward Sword brought her out again. Is quite skilled with a dagger.)
    • Skull Kid (A possible extension of this form, recently created for Twilight Princess. Takes a lot of cues from THAT Koishi.)

Alter Egos

So far, Panda only has two alter egos. They now have their own pages (hooray?). The ones that have been seen are:

  • Yangire/Yandere (Panda's more dangerous side. She loves to kill and torture people, and she can turn pretty much ANYTHING into a weapon. Her weapon of choice is a cleaver, and she's usually covered in blood every time you see her. Her Lunatic Eyes make her a dangerous foe.)
  • Bizarrⓧ (A rather obscure AE from an RP with Paul. She cannot use her arms, but she can still teleport, as well as generate Combat Tentacles in a very Operator-ish way. Her speech and behavior, however, are closer to totheArk than anything else. Her left eye is shut for a good reason, but when opened, it causes her true power to come out. Panda refers to this AE as a "Creepypasta Incarnate".)
  • Zana-T (A fairly recent AE uncovered on the 25th of May, 2012. She is a human Subjuggulator, although she seems to use Troll terms more than anything. She relies on instinct, but her reflexes aren't all that good.)
  • Hssnyaa (This one was NOT seen on Spore, but she had tried to take over Panda's soul more times than the last two. She was a Spook from TF2, as well as a powerful mutant. She was defeated in the Birthday Brawl comic, and has never been seen again since.)

Involvement in RPs

  • Super Smash Brothers Brawl: The Abridged Series: A Steam roleplay and SPORE roleplay she is in with John, Weezee, Storm, and other RPers. The Steam half is finished, with 76 episodes, and she played three main characters: Pit, Wolf O'Donnell, and Toon Link.
  • Fall of the Pig King: A Steam roleplay that she was in with Driko, Drogoth, John, and Storm. This roleplay is finished, with 86 episodes, and it started when the group got an idea to roast Porky Minch (because he deserves it). Picky showed up afterwards, and it all went downhill from there...
  • Zombie Apocalypse: Hoo boy, where to start. She was originally a Hunter, but she was soon changed into an obscure Infected known as the Faceless. She got better, sure, but it's hard to say what has happened to her since she's been cured...
    • Left2Die: Possible extension of the ZARP with John. She is a Hunter, and accidentally infected John.
  • Full Metal Alchemist: A discontinued RP with Arious, she was his (and Greed's) loyal servant, a chimera by the name of Vengeance.
  • Broken Realities: A Steam roleplay that had began with Driko and Drogoth. Later on, Driko and Drogoth quit (much to Panda's dismay), so now it's only her, John, and Storm. It started when Driko, Panda, and Drogoth decided to torture Sephiroth, and then... It is currently on a hiatus, with 71 episodes.
  • Little Things: A Steam roleplay that she is in with Drogoth, John, and Alric (?). At first it was just random (with the inclusion of chibis, hence the name), but then things got more serious when Alric tried to induce a plot John took everyone to an abandoned Eastern Dragon city and Panda started reviving the original inhabitants... It has been completely discontinued, with just 18 episodes.
  • Team Fortress 2: HELL UNLEASHED!: Exactly what it says on the tin. A roleplay she was in with John, Alric, and Storm. It has since been discontinued, with only 15 episodes.
  • Endeavors - A Hamachi RP with John. The premise was that Dante, a delusional, angel-like demon, kidnapped John's sister (Hikari) in the middle of the night, then all hell broke loose. The roleplay is now finished, with 32 episodes.
    • Endeavors 2: Dante's Back... - Another Hamachi RP with John, the sequel to Endeavors. Discontinued for a long while after Panda got fed up with Uprising, briefly continued, and now on hiatus. The first episode is missing.
  • DOT-- Oh Crap... - A Steam (joke) RP with Arious and John. In it, she plays a drunken elf/Oni by the name of Lorelei. It WAS going to be the DOTA 2 RP that was scheduled to happen, but then Agahnim's Scepter was brought up, Ghirahim paid the three heroes a visit, and...
  • Pandas, Dragons, and Robots - A Mann VS Machine RP with John that blends both gameplay, TF2 canon, and RP canon. So far, the human team consists of a Scout (Panda), a Pyro (John), and a Spy (Roscoe).

Relationships with Other RPers

John: The two are friends, even though Panda can seriously worry him at times. Recently, it was revealed that they're a little more than friends~

MrWeezee: Same as with John (She doesn't love him or anything though, as he is only a friend), but the worry is reversed-- Panda sometimes wonders if Weezee's alright in the head...

Arious: Same as with Weezee. But they still get along.

Storm: Friends in the "fighting buddies" sense.

Drogoth: Seems to be avoiding him for the time being.

Driko: On the fence between friends and enemies. Sorta teetering towards enemies.

RenamonGuy: On the fence as to whether or not to establish an alliance. Doesn't talk to him much, if at all.


This trivia is at least a year old, so some of it may be outdated. Just like the Bib- *shot*

  • Panda's birthday is January 17, which would happen to be the same day she joined SPORE.
    • What's weird is that her AEs all have different birthdays. Yan's is unknown, Bizarr(x)'s is the 8th of October, and Zana-T's is the 25th of May.
  • Panda's deviantART is VeronaEspada-- she represents her account by using her fancharacter for Axis Powers Hetalia, Italy Verona, dressed as an Arrancar.
  • Panda was one of the victims of Infernohammer's self-proclaimed reign of SPORE (Or, as she put it, the rule of the Porky Minch of SPORE), and she was also one of the people who finally did him in.
  • Panda has played Yume Nikki and .flow before, causing her to randomly make references to, and even BECOME, various characters from the game. She likes Masada from Yume Nikki and the Kaibutsu of .flow, as well as other things... 6_9 Also, expect some TOUHOU HIJACKS to occur occasionally, since she has played a few of the games. LOL
  • One of Panda's favorite webcomics is Homestuck. She has a terminal softspot for her patron Troll, Gamzee Makara.
  • Panda loves Szayel. A LOT. Almost as much as Storm loves Rad.
  • Panda now officially has Final Fantasy 7. Kadaj will not leave her alone.
  • Panda, not quite being sane, seems to think she attracts lunatics. She says this with disdain, but apparently, this seems to be the case.
  • Panda has a blatant tendency to read the atmosphere wrong. Could be because she doesn't pay much attention to events going on in the RP community.
  • Due to some recent Minecraft mishaps, Panda befriended 4 Minecraft mobs: A Creeper (Kamikaze), a Ghast (Necro-chan), an Enderman (Nozomu), and a Blaze (Pyra).
  • Creepypasta and Panda do not mix. She gets rather scared when people reference BEN DROWNED, Marble Hornets, etc.
  • Panda may have strong powers, but she is surprisingly not a Mary Sue. She dreads the thought of being one, of course.
  • Thanks to Panda finally getting Skyward Sword, her faith in the Legend of Zelda series has been restored. She still is somewhat scared of BEN, however.
    • The fact that she knows about Puppet Knil (original midboss of Stone Tower Temple) of Majora's Mask does not help her shaky disposition, though...
  • Recently, Panda has been watching Chargeman KEN!, a rather obscure anime from 1974, and is working on a torture/vent comic for it. She doesn't plan to post it any time soon.