Firstly, I'd like to tell every that this page is not to be deleted, due to the fact Pengoharrisfan1 was a real user.

Basic FactsEdit

Personally, I don't know how to describe the 'non idiot' part of Pengo. Let's just say, when he had his first battle with Tenguman, he would not admit defeat. He would shatter logic, (We all do it time to time, but he did it continuously) spew insults and make up things. This began to ruin his dignity (what was left of it). He also once even made a creation claiming every one of his friends had to give him a gift, or Pengo would unfriend them and declare 'war' on them. After some arguments between him and Lestrange, they declared war on each other. He quit sometime in 2011, but rejoined around June-Augusty 2012.

Pengo has now quit Spore after some little 'problems'

i declar war on grydmadd!!!!11!Edit

This was the more, well... 'seen' side of Pengo.

Amount of times declared war on peopleEdit

Gordymad: 4

Tenguman: 2

Lestrange: 1

Most of his 'friends': 2

The whole roleplaying wiki: 2

Let's just say Pengo had problems. But another problem was the fact he didn't understand battles. Whereas basically every battle ends with a draw, Pengo took this way to seriously



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