Welcome to Spore RP

This Wiki is dedicated to cataloguing the members of the Spore Roleplaying Community and the work they've done as part of it.

Basic Overview

Roleplaying spread to Spore, as it was inevitable, due to the game's high potential. People tend to credit the more "famous" people in this community as creating it, although this is false; this community is actually a large cluster of other interlinked smaller communities. No one individual can be accurately stated to have started it.

The original method of Spore RP was to publish individual creations for each interaction in a roleplay, posing the character to reflect their actions with the actual text of the interaction written out in the description. Given the relative ease of re-posing a creation, it became popular for a time as it allowed for a visual component in addition to traditional text-based RP, at the cost of response time and a moderately unwieldy method of communication. Nowadays, this style is all-but obsolete, with most members having transferred to pure text-based format using external chat programs or rarely the in-game comment system. The Sporum also saw some use for role-playing, though the two communities have always been almost completely separate.

Notable Members

A list of both the few remaining active members as well as a number of once-influential members of the community.

Johnthedragon (Status: Active again)

Retzorg (Status: Very very active.)

MrWeezee AlricGSW (Status: Inactive and probably never wanted to be in the first place)

Driko (Status: Active again, under a different account)

Pandawolf (Status: Most likely done with spore, inactive)

Abigael (Status: Done with spore, active elsewhere)

Pheno (Staus: Inactive, Not a member anymore)

Arashian (Status: Active)

Church (Status: Active)

RenamonGuy (Inactive, not returning to Spore)

Gordymad (Status: Inactive, Not a member anymore)

Azel (Status: Active, less so in-game)

Tenguman/Tenga/JayDer/JoJo (Status: Debating on becoming active again)

Thegrax/Gracks (Status: Moderately Active, Active here and elsewhere)


Q: Can I join the community? If so, how?

A: It's open for anyone at any time. While the community is based around Spore, anyone who stumbles upon what's left of it is free to join, Spore user or not. Message any of the active users if you want to get a hold of us, though most rarely use the wiki. You're best bet is to leave a comment on Spore or find them on a chat program (predominantly Discord).

Q: What are we allowed to edit?

A: Anything that isn't protected.

Q: Does anyone own this community?

A: No.


  • Don't leave the wiki in ruins again.
  • Be courteous.
  • Edit pages only with permission from the original poster.
  • Flag NSFW pages with the NSFW category.

The wiki also has a chat, though it has been completely empty for several years.

A Discord server for Spore users can also be found here:

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