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A hybrid of a hedgehog, dragon, cat, and tearlash who was created for her parents by Shred over one million years ago, as they could not reproduce. Though she was supposed to be like a child to her parents, Shred saw potential in other uses of her. Shred sought out a dark sentient energy named Corrupt that could control Storm's behavior. Corrupt did so and got Storm sealed in the crystal that was later split into the Lightning and Discharge Crystals.

When Storm broke free from the Lightning Crystal, she found herself on BrightenBolt. But, she no longer looked like a hybrid, she just looked like a purebred hedgehog. She took on a new identity to hide from Shred. This identity was Storm_Static. Unknown to Storm, Corrupt was planning on using her for much bigger things, and ultimately committing an act against the agreement made with Shred.

Storm eventually met Static, and later met Thief, who was a complete jerk. On her early adventures, she stopped goons like Darkor, Daraxis, and Sun, and had run-ins with docodezos. In a fight with her half-brother Sun, she gained the ability to use the darkness element, and got her signature quill color and style. Sometime during this period, she ended up on DarkenVolt.

At some point in her life, she once again looked like a hybrid. At some other point in her life, she went to Uvbentroldus and met He'Til. She didn't know him for long, as she met a dragon named Dargearmor, or Rad, who wrote her a note saying he killed He'Til, when he didn't. Storm eventually married him and used advanced technology to create kids.

One day, a portal to another dimension appeared and Storm fell in it. Her whole family followed her. She ended up in the same dimension that Arc, Draco, and a certain hedgedragon who is no longer worth mentioning were in. Most of the time that she was there, Corrupt was controlling her, making her plant bombs everywhere in the space station, and then planting one in Stormer. Eventually, Electren came and sealed her in a crystal, then proceeded to take her away. But... is she really gone?...


Corrupt 3

Corrupt as of early 2012.

Corrupt is a malicious ancient sentient energy that resides in Storm after making an agreement with Shred to control her and wreak havoc. At some point, Corrupt nullifies her agreement with Shred and decides that it will attack anyone who stands in its way. Corrupt enjoys wreaking havoc and causing fatal injury and blood spilling whenever it can. In fact, it loves to come up with new ways of getting this to happen. From straight up attacking and inhumanely murdering to playing others like a puppeteer, it never runs out of fun new ways to kill people. Corrupt's powers are rather straightforward. It is immensely powerful compared to Storm, but is also slower. Its elements are darkness, electricity, and fire. Based on its elements, its weaknesses are the light and earth elements. The water element, however, is an annoyance to Corrupt, rather than an actual weakness.
Bright vs Corrupt

Just Bright and Corrupt conflicting as usual.


HalfCursedStorm 3

There's no point in hiding... You know Curse will find you regardless. No point in running... Curse will catch you either way.

Curse is pretty much a mystery at the moment, due to rarely being seen. However, Curse HAS been seen a few times. Curse usually takes control of Storm when she's either depressed (after committing suicide due to depression, she CAN come back Cursed), PO'ed, wants to get revenge, etc.

Curse's currently known powers (that Storm DOESN'T have) are:

  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
  • Mind Manipulation (rarely ever used though, and usually only works on those who are SO RIDICULOUSLY weak minded, it's not even funny [which probably means docodezos.])

Powers that Storm has that Curse DOESN'T have:

  • Fire
  • Electricity

Also, in energy form, Curse can, and WILL (most likely) try to take control of the nearest living organism (when Storm dies of course, and Bright and Corrupt fly away from Storm's corpse), and then will try to obtain greater power from anything and EVERYTHING possible, but the odds of that actually happening anyway are pretty slim...

A brief description of Curse's "personality":

Psychotic, Insane, Aggressive, Bloodthirsty, Merciless, Sneaky (well, SOMETIMES)...

Yeah, you get the idea.

The Many Faces of Storm

Storm has quite a few parallel counterparts, so now they have a page of their own.

Family Tree

                          ???           ???
                           |             |
                               |     |
                   Torn      Soliza ???       ???
                     |         |     |         |
                      ---------       ---------
                          |               |
                        Shred           Slyuk   Suukel                                Prufido  Toxage
                                          |       |                                      |      |
                                           -------                                        ------ 
                                              |                                              |
                             Solstice       Cloudy                                         Equin                           Cyridmor         Chiniada
                                |             |                                              |                                 |                |
                                 ------------- ----------------------------------------------                                   ----------------
                                      |                                                |                                              |
                     Litaegis        Sun         Arater    Clarus   Thief            Storm                                           Rad
                         |            |             |        |        |                |                                              |
                          ------------               --------          ---------------- ----------------------------------------------
                                |                        |                     |                                |
                        ----------------                 |                -----------          -------------------------------------------
                       |         |      |                |               |           |        |       |         |           |             |
                 Gravinixira  Aestus  Aridi          FilthyMane       Sparkle      Chull   Kartul  Pasukan   Valesade   Nerchordis    Splartrix
                                                         |               |

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