This is Stormer after the paradox, she is essentially the same person, just physically different. Any more recent events and information will be here. If you wish to read about her pre-paradox events, go here: Stormer

New Stormer

Stormer as she appears after the paradox.

Formerly a pocket dimension counterpart to Storm, Stormer was originally a human version of Storm until Shred dragged her out of her pocket dimension, hoping to brainwash her into doing his bidding, go after Storm, and kill her, wherever she went. But when Shred went back in time and killed Storm, it set off a paradox that altered the history and appearance of DarkenVolt and BrightenBolt (as well as the original unified planet that the two once were), as well as the inhabitants. She is a hybrid of a cat, dragon, porcupine, and tearlash, but since in the new timeline, Shred created all his hybrids without physical genders, well, she's no longer physically a she. The paradox erased her pocket dimension from existence, so in theory, she should've ceased to exist, but since Storm's soul no longer retained its identity thanks to Korro (formerly known as Corrupt), the paradox decided to deem Stormer the Storm of the new timeline. Currently, she is on Falfor, but is likely to return home eventually.