This is Stormer before the paradox, she is essentially the same person, just physically different. This page is merely here for legacy purposes and likely will not be updated. For more recent information and events, go here: Stormer (Post-Paradox)

SCAN0049 Stormer

Stormer as she appears today. She honestly doesn't look much like a hybrid. Really, she pretty much just looks like a hedgehog with a long tail...

Stormer is a hybrid of a hedgehog, a dragon, a cat, and a tearlash, though she looks more like a hedgehog with a long tail, and sometimes, wings. Behind the scenes of the RP, before the main storyline even started, actually, she was a human in an alternate reality. The alternate reality in question was created when Storm got free from the Lightning Crystal over 100 years ago. Stormer is just like Storm would have been, had she not been negatively influenced.

More recently, Stormer was killed in her own reality by Shred and brought into Storm's reality, where Shred created a new body identical to Storm's. Stormer awoke in a tube, unfamiliar surroundings, all that she knew was that she ought to get out of there. She met Shred, who declared that Stormer is her servant. Without a second thought, Stormer protests, followed by running away. Shred, determined to not let his hard work escape, sends Sparkle and Chull after Stormer. However, they cannot catch Stormer, and have to turn back. Stormer eventually meets Static, who introduces her to her friends.

Skills and Abilities

In terms of powers, Stormer has quite a few. Stormer wields three elements: electricity, fire, and ice. In addition to elemental powers, she can also use magic. When it comes to physical abilities, Stormer can run relatively fast, fly, and grab on to tree branches, people, ledges, and more with her tail. Her senses are sharp, but there's one thing sense related she cannot do... She can't taste sweets!

There are a few weaknesses that Stormer has. For one, she is weak to the earth element. Another element, though not actually a weakness, is water. Stormer hates being sprayed with water, and additionally claims to hate swimming. Maybe the real reason she hates water is that it could soil one thing in life she loves so much: video games.


Stormer seems to be easily amused or fascinated. Well, maybe that's because she's from a completely different reality! She doesn't think of herself as a leader or a follower, merely a person who does as they please, within reason, of course. She doesn't think much of people's expectations of her. Also, she doesn't trust strangers. The only time she'd side with a stranger is if the stranger seemed like the better option. The funny thing is, if it turned out one of her worst enemies was being controlled to do bad things the whole time, she'd actually be the first person to trust the person in question.

Stormer isn't really a fan of excitement. She'd rather be sitting around playing video games all day, but that's not how life on DarkenVolt works. Honestly, she'd actually rather be doing just about anything other than stopping Shred. She claims that the one thing she'd rather stop Shred than do is swim. It's actually more likely that she's making up excuses about hating swimming, maybe she'd just rather not swim because she can't play video games underwater? Either way, she does hate being sprayed with water, or having water dumped on her, probably because she'd be playing a video game at the time and would be ticked if it broke the game. Apparently, she also hates beaches. One thing she does seem to enjoy is mocking enemies and saying how she loves them or their hate.

Stormer is not one to take being bossed around and told what to do lightly. Under select circumstances will she do as others say or ask. "I don't exist to serve or please anyone, if you want someone to cater to your every whim, do me a favor, and build yourself a robot to do that!" She's the kind of person who doesn't take crap from anyone, as well as the kind of person you can't convince without proof, or break. Stormer refuses to believe anything suggested unless there is evidence to back it up.

Stormer was once captured by Shred and tortured. Despite the pain she suffered, she endured it and stubbornly opposed Shred. In the end, Shred killed her by ripping out each organ one by one, keeping her alive until he had finished. Of course, in the end, Stormer was brought back by her friends. Eventually, Stormer comes to think nothing of torture, experiencing it so often, she becomes used to it.

Outdated Info

Stormer is pretty much a clone of Storm. Stormer was created by Shred from some energy left over from Storm, when she was trapped in the Lightning Crystal for 1,000,000 years. Stormer started with memories of everything that happened in Storm's life before being trapped in the crystal. Those memories would happen to be ones that Storm lacks, although Storm did eventually figure out who her parents are anyway.

Stormer, being a clone created by Shred, would likely be hated by Storm and her family, just because she was cloned by Shred. Stormer doesn't trust Shred either, she actually hates him, but Storm probably wouldn't believe anything Stormer could say. As such, Stormer would have a miserable life.

Stormer would not have any chance against Storm, since Storm has years of experience, while Stormer has next to none. Unlike Storm, Stormer does not hate humans surprisingly.

Alternate Stormer -simple dA-

Some alternate form of Stormer. It is a mystery as of now.


Storm - The person Stormer was "cloned" from

Shred - The person who "cloned" Storm to create Stormer

Equin - Storm's father

Cloudy - Storm's mother