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Combined Deitic Forces




Revenant, Psyarch-class

"I don't care if he's some sort of bug-Judas! That.. thing.. creeps me the fuck out! Why can't we just shoot 'im like the rest of the roaches?"

—Outpost soldier


While Revenants are a grave threat to Humans and Deitic alike, the innate intelligence of some classes provides the unique opportunity to rehabilitate a few cooperative captured specimens to work for the Deitic cause. As a Psyarch, Sylph was a prime target, made more enticing by his unusually composed behavior. His capture was a huge success, the Revenant quickly picking up Deitic teachings of language and acceptable behavior. Before long, he was deemed "good enough" for field work, using his appetite for humans to keep bandit populations down. Set free under the watch of a trained squad of specialists, Sylph has become a valued asset to his peers at Echo Point.


As a Psyarch, Sylph's body is quite different than that of other Revenants in many ways, though he's no exception to their impressive scale, measuring at 284.48 cm. The most immediate difference is his coat of fur as opposed to the usual uniform of chitinous hide. His stomach is unconventional as well, as a large, solid sack of flesh with no openings— not even to connect to his esophagi. Whenever it needs to let something in, the flesh will split apart only to quickly seal back up, ensuring that there's no escape for his hapless meal. Both parts shared with the human digestive system lead back to his gut, along with the slit across his belly acting as a second maw. Even his tail is yet another way into his stomach, a slender snout concealing a third mouth on its tip.

The most important aspect of his physiology, however, is his excellent ability to utilize Irriden Force, the little-understood Revenant "energy." Able to shape it into any element he desires, Sylph is a master at controlling the raw power it provides.


Sylph's intimidating physique belies a more laid-back nature that took quickly to his Deitic indoctrination. Surprisingly compliant, he usually finds no problems with the orders of his superiors simply because they give him something to do, though he will firmly refuse to take part in anything outside his extensive comfort zone. It's very rare to see him get overly worked up over anything- anger, mournfulness, and glee are notably suppressed from his behavior.

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