80's Tenga, also known as Tango, is a character who is closely related to Tenga. He is Tenga in a different body than the one possessed by Fantasy Shadow and LaV, but despite his status as such, he was still able to encounter Tenga, in his original body and with his original personality, by traveling across time and space.


Tango has a tendency to, while speaking, quote various songs. He appears to have an affinity for the disco culture of the 1970s, dressing in various dark, warm colors, using star and heart motifs, and wearing a pompadour hairstyle, which he rigorously cares for.

He also has a strong aversion to his past, having systematically destroyed virtually all of his known alternate forms and selves, as well as a couple of individuals who merely resembled him, and taking action to try to prevent anybody remembering or finding him.



Tango was first seen travelling back in time to when Captain Retzorg was about to copy and fuse with Denga, creating Zwietracht. Tango challenged to “dance” with Denga, who proceeded to mock him by various means, including disturbing Tango’s hair. Tango responded by combing his hair and quoting lyrics from near the beginning of Bohemian Rhapsody. Denga, finding his “lack of memes disturbing,” fired a “concentrated blast of Interwebz” at him. Tango then used Try Everything to mimic The World or Star Platinum: The World to stop time, and, during stopped time, hit Denga with a charged uppercut that knocked him into the path of his own blast. When time resumed, Denga was hit by his own blast.

I Give UpEdit

Some time after Tango’s encounter with Denga, Fantasy Shadow, having merged with LaV and Tenga’s old body, appeared to Tango, challenging him to “dance” and intending to “beat [him] into the ground with [his] own ridiculousness.” Tenga then used Try Everything to mimic Crazy Diamond and punched Fantasy Shadow, reverting him to his original form. Tango subsequently explained that he had already made contact with Tenga’s old body before posing like Yoshikage Kira and using Killer Queen’s mimicked ability to destroy Fantasy Shadow with an explosion.

A Means to An EndEdit

Tanga used Try Everything to mimic the ability of Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, disappearing between two unspecified objects. Afterwards, Tango killed, dismantled, or otherwise permanently disabled several alternate forms of Tenga, including the remains of Fantasy Shadow fused with Tenga’s old body, in addition to the similar-looking Spiral and Twister, through various means.

Afterward, Tango appeared to Tenga, who assumed that he was hostile. Tenga attempted to power up, but, because of the status of all of his alternate forms, he was unable to. Tango then informed Tenga that all of his alternate forms and family members had all been killed, destroyed, or otherwise torn apart. Learning this caused Tenga to completely despair and allow Tango to destroy him, understanding that Tango clearly no longer wanted him to exist. Tango responded by firing Spin at Tenga while quoting the end of Bohemian Rhapsody.

End of an EraEdit

Claiming that, with everyone else out of the way, he could finally be “himself,” Tango dramatically changed in appearance. He then used Try Everything to mimic first Whitesnake to steal a memory disk from Captain Retzorg, then Sticky Fingers to create a zipper in his neck, which he then hid the disk inside. He immediately closed the zipper and had it disappear completely.

Tango then flew away to a place too far away for anybody to find him or even any trace of him, with the hopes that all who knew him would forget about him. Near him, he left a broken version of Tenga who only lays in a corner, sobbing quietly, with no memories of his past.


Rocket BootsEdit

Like Tenga, Tango is able to fly by propelling himself with jets spouted from his feet. While Tenga’s jets are cyan, Tango’s are either magenta or pink in color.

Charged UppercutEdit

Tango has been shown to have the ability to charge up his fist for a strong, powerful uppercut; doing so causes it to be surrounded by colorful stars. When charged up, it is strong enough to knock Denga across an amount of space over five times his body’s length.

Time TravelEdit

Tango has the ability to travel back in time; doing so involves summoning a disco ball, being engulfed in its lights, and then appearing out of the lights of another spontaneously-generated disco ball at whichever point in space in time he travels to. It also appears that in the act of travelling through time, Tango may also affix two points in time together, creating an instance of time that is a composition of the two of them; for example, when he traveled through time to the point in time when Zwietracht was created by Captain Retzorg copying Denga, Denga takes the form of Zwietracht and a later iteration of Retzorg from when it first encountered Zwietracht’s independent form observes Tango and Denga.


Main article: Try Everything

Tango’s Stand, Try Everything, allows him to mimic the abilities of any Stand once by striking a pose the mimicked Stand’s User has taken on.



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