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Bizaro Tenguman, Shattered Glass Tenga, Copy Tenguman


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Tenguman, who is in no way related to his Mega Man counterpart (except as an homage), is a character created by the Spore user of the very same name. He tends to be rather unorthodox and does pretty much whatever he feels like doing, provided, he can get a good laugh of it and hopefully entertain a few people. He has a self-proclaimed "inability to hate anyone". If he causes any trouble, he has to go back and try and repair all the damage he causes. When he's not engaged in combat with Gordymad, he's usually just being random and/or hanging with Renamonguy, as both of them make for a good team when paired with each other.

Totally anthropomorphicEdit

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Tenguman, on a daily biases

Despite the fact nobody really knows what he is, Tenguman was constructed with a body-shape that is a little out-of-the-ordinary, and as such, makes him unique and allows himself to "reconfigure" himself into all kinds of weird shapes and forms. As mentioned earlier, his design is an homage to the original Tenguman from Megaman 8, but only really in terms of appearence, though that might be an understatement. What makes him different from most characters is the fact that he has large claws, a long nose, and actual "hair". His main color scheme consists of black, red, green, and a bit of grey. According to Tenguman himself, the red makes him go faster. The small antenna on his back is appearently a "weak point", although he has yet to actually confirm it. That, or he just want to keep people guessing on what its used for.


Early LifeEdit


Tenguman at age 19.

When Tenguman first came to Earth, he was a tree. But not just any tree, because this one had a birdhouse. By age 5, Tenguman was a fully grown toaster, and that very same day, he was already a famous space commander who conquered many galaxies. By the age of 19, Tenguman was an actor on a show called "Mighty Sentai Cyborg Space-Ninja-Rangers - Turbo." At 20 years of age, when he was on his way "home" from a day at the galactic stock exchange, he was struck by a green comet from an "unknown" universe.

Having been "blown to smitherenies," he was taken to an intergalactic hospital located on planet Interwebz. It had seemed like it was that mentally scarring Death-of-Optimus scene from the G1 Transformers movie for Tenguman. In the intergalactic hospital, the scientists were reading "GS-Rides for Dummies." After years of body reconstruction, the scientists, janitors, and Taco Bell employees were able to build Tenguman a new body by reading directions on how to build a racecar. For a few years, Tenguman waited for his new body to finish installing everything it had, and during that time the scientists insisted he watch the Anime Network 24/7, as well as various YouTube videos.

When he was finally fully operational, the scientists tested the capabilities of Tenguman's new body by shooting him with a tank; he was a natural from day 1. After the scientists informed him that his new powers are created from his imagination, he jumped towards the tank and Falcon Punched it, creating an explosion large enough to be seen from space. Seeing his destructive potential, the scientists then made Tenguman promise to never destroy the world unless he absolutely had to, and then they all did Caramelldansen for no apparent reason. Before giving Tenguman his jet boots, the scientists told Tenguman that there are other people who they made "epik" like him, and that if he runs into said people, then he might have a battle with them one day, and that the scientists will film the battles for YouTube.

Random bits of triviaEdit

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Ponies, yo. Ponies.

Tenguman's main abilities mostly consist of things you would see from GaoGaiGar (an example of this would be his Transmetal form), or any other anime his creator likes. He has a built-in "anti-lazor device", which gives him full immunity to any laser-based attack. Although he tends to be unorthodox and just generally unpredictable, he still claims to be a bit of a "tactician" in battle. This might be due the fact he never likes using the same attack more than once in any given scenario. And appearently, Tenguman can fuse with RenamonGuy. And as far as his sanity goes, Tenguman is a self-proclaimed know-it-all when it comes to internet fads.

He is also 1000% cool so not going to ruin this page. You were awesome.

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