For all we know, this page was created out of sheer boredom, or the fact that Tenguman's ego felt this page was nesecary.

In one of Tenguman's various battles, Cynterrue had noted that Tenguman's head-ornament (which was inspired by his very namesake) was actually a piece of hair, and decided to pull "Twang" it. By this logic, he not only has hair, but it is apparently of the curly kind, and is also quite springy. Yeah, I know you, the reader, is probably dying of laughter, but this actually did happen.
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…Not that has it anything do with anything, but this "rumor", as we shall call it for now, is somewhat of a running gag (but only appears every now and then) that Tenguman decided to play along with. At most, it is just another random moment, so for the most part, nobody is really sure if it is actually hair or not. Although…
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A horse's mane is also hair. Hurr hurr hurr

Recently the spore roleplayer Gordymad used Tenguman's "hair" to his advantage and because he was so darn bored shaved Tenguman's hair for teh lulz. With Tenguman being powerless, (even though his "hair" is not his power scource) Gordymad forced him to stand on top of his house and use his antennae (which actually serves as a way to get to Tenguman's mind) to supply Gordymad with free Sky, Freeview and Virgin Media. However, eventually Gordymad was found out, arrested for stealing TV and using Tenguman as a slave (Tenguman was set free by the police). Tenguman's hair has since grown back. Unfortunately, it seems none of this lulzors stuff ever happened.
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Gordymad shaving Tenguman's hair, English barbers are very chatty

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