Blaman waves at the crowd , hoping they didn't notice he wet his pants.

is a small creature of the species Xigbawn. He is one of the only ones left of his race left in the galaxy. He was banished from his homeworld when he was merely a hatchling. ( Xigbawn are born from their mothers barfing them up) He couldn't do anything right. Even being the long lost prince of Viqtarr, his homeworld, he may never know of his true past, for once his cruel father sent him off in a space pod, a few weeks later, the planet was invaded by a gang of rogue pirates. Blaman eventually landed on a planet known as the Gorkin. Blaman grew up as a member of the Gorkanians and became a rowdy and occasionally weird boy. He never was a tall one. Then as he grew older, he made a spaceship out of scrap parts from a junkyard. From there, he explores the universe in search of his mysterious past...


During his travels across the galaxy, Blaman has met many people and made many friends! Here are a few of the friends he has met (and even taken with him on his search to find his long lost planet and the secrets to his past!)

- Girt. One of Blaman's best friends. They both try to find mysteries about their pasts and are both yet to find out that they are both princes of their homeworlds.

- Tenga. The first time that Blaman visited the Interwebz galaxy, Tenga invited him to a friendly battle, in which he unleashed a brand-new form.

- Gordymad. After seeing that gordy was attempting to take over the universe for all machines to rule, Blaman aided in the fight. Although, Blaman can still see some good in him, even after his corruption taking full force!

Forms and abilitiesEdit

Blaman, while in his travels, unleashed many different powers and forms to up his power level. (over 9000!!) here are just a few different forms of his.

Plasma demon

The plasma demon form. Unlocked only when Blaman becomes incredibly angered, frightened, or scared.

Plasma demon formEdit

This form was first unlocked in a battle with girt. It can provide mass amounts of negative energy and can grow spikes out of its skin to throw or slash at enemies. When transforming back into blaman's standard form, Blaman is usually incredibly weak since he just used an enormous amount of his power. He may even lose consciousness.

Roblon power suit formEdit

This is an unnatural form that is obtained when blaman enters his battle armor that the roblons specially made for him. He gets two giga plasma pistols and two hidden wrist blasters, both that launch acid. The suit also increases his strenghth with the help of robotics.

Meta-demon formEdit


This form was unlocked during blaman's battle with Tenga.

This form is very similar to the roblon power suit in terms of abilities, but has certain differences, such as wrist-mounted rocket launchers, poisonous spikes on his arms and a toxic energy reactor in the chest.


Glitter and his dream scythe.

Inner VoiceEdit

Blaman's conscience takes the form of this little dream sprite named Glitter. He shows up when Blaman is about to make a bad mistake and does his best to prevent it, even if it means destroying Blaman.

Blaman's pastEdit

Blaman's past is still unkown to him, but as his creator, I am willing to share some secrets with you.

  • Blaman had a twin sister. She is still alive... Somewhere...
  • Blaman's father was named King Gorgin.
  • Blaman's mother was named Queen Drukdd
  • Blaman always failed at everything before being banished, but the effects were only temporary hatchling confusion. His father banished him and Blaman was heartbroken. If only he knew how lucky he was...