Tornado Hold
Tengu Man using the Tornado Hold in Mega Man & Bass.

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Dr. Wily/Tengu Man


Tengu Man

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Tornado Hold is an object-based technique used by Mega Man, Tenguman, and his namesake. The technique originated as a special weapon of the same name from Mega Man 8.


The Tornado Hold is used by launching a green, 4-bladed fan with its blades spinning perpendicular to the ground. Upon being launched, the fan quickly falls to the ground and rapidly gains spinning speed until it is spinning fast enough that it creates a tall vortex of high-speed wind. Depending on the portrayal, the vortex itself will either damage the opponent or trap the target in midair, immobilizing the target until the fan eventually spontaneously breaks and the vortex subsides. From the moment it is launched until it breaks, the fan will slide across the ground at a slow rate, and the vortex will always be directly above the fan; this means that the vortex, along with any targets trapped in the vortex, will also slide along at a steady rate.

When a target becomes trapped in the tornado, the user can capitalize upon this by landing a follow-up attack on the helpless target or allow the vortex to lead the target into some sort of hazard.


Retzorg gets trapped in the vortex.

The vortex activates relatively quickly, but it still gives the target enough time to react and jump over the fan before it is spinning quickly enough to generate a tornado if the target is fast enough, leaving the user open to a close-ranged attack. Additionally, the fan is vulnerable to attacks, and can be easily destroyed, ending the Tornado Hold prematurely.

Tenguman uses this Technique in his battle with Retzorg, trapping Retzorg in the vortex. Retzorg, however, quickly destroys the fan by summoning a Junk Shield, freeing itself from the Tornado Hold.


  • Tenguman's use of this technique is a reference to the fact that it is his namesake's special weapon; its use can also easily be seen as a response to the fact that, prior to his use of the Tornado Hold, his opponent had used nothing but techniques from the Mega Man series.
  • Despite the fact that Tengu Man's special weapon changes from the Tornado Hold to the Tengu Blade in Mega Man & Bass, Tengu Man still uses the Tornado Hold as an auxiliary attack in said game.