This week im just focusing on superheroes. So to start, i got the new lego batman 2, and im surprised how addicting it is. Its like the Arkham games, it even references Arkham city. The reason its so similar is cause of the open world aspect, the random villians around the city and the diffrent gadgets. Also once i saw the little lable that said add ons... well you know what that means (already going to release 10 bonus heroes and villians in a dlc. Plus we might get some new items and levels. ---------

And also they made another Spiderman movie, actually it wasn't that bad, the last one was full of his relationship and less action. This one still had that but a lot more action, its a remake of him turning into Spiderman. Probably going to get the game some time soon.

Now onto my fav. part... Batman :D If you were to see my desk area you could easily tell i like batman ( i have a statue of batman and a poster of him) Along with some batman games and the movies. And in less then about 12? or so days the final movie in the Dark Knight series comes out. (btw in lego batman 2. Superman is OP, he can't die, even when he's around kryptonite)

(btw im almost complete with finding all the characters in the lego batman 2, just need Hawkgirl, Supergirl, Martion manhunter, Huntress and Vicki Vale) Sucks i can't get the extra heroes and villians in the preorder dlc. (aka i hope the dlcs come out soon)

Also theres going to be a prequel to the Batman Arkham series that features the Justice League (wow didn't just see that 3 seconds ago) The game is goign to take place, when Batman and Superman team up and when he first met the Joker.

And right after i posted the last paragraph, i figure out a new justice league fighting game is coming out. (Why is the Justice League showing up constantly)

Heres the trailer for Injustice: Confirmed characters: Superman, Batman, Wonderwoman, Flash, Solomon Grundy, Harley Quinn, Cyborg and NightWing. They are going to release new characters each convention. (Like how Playstation is kind of doing)

Injustice ComiCon Trailer

Injustice ComiCon Trailer

Also speaking of comic book games. DeadPool is getting his own game, I don't really know much about DeadPool except that he is kind of a antihero.


1. Are you going to get Injustice? If so what hero or villian would you want to see in it


I just remembered that the new smash brothers game is being made by Project Sora and Namco. Which means we could expect someone like Pacman to make a appearance in the game as a third party character.

Also Today im really happy Cole Mcgrath from Infamous and Jak from Jak and Daxter were confirmed characters for playstation allstars battle royal.

Also I like how Adultswim never sent me my code for the Robot chicken hat :|

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