Its true, the meet the pyro is just around the corner. this update is more than at least 3 days of updates. The first starts with the doomsday map and a new tf2 gamemode, the goal of the gamemode is one team

the first day of pyromania update

Day 2 references New York. "city that never seeps" This may be an upcoming map possibly with flood problems or burning problems. Anyways 3 new sets added for the scout, sniper and soldier. + a new flare gun that bounces off of enemies and lights the ground on fire.

Day 3

Meet the Pyro. Probably a new pyro set.

And at this time we wait out the remaining 30 minutes as our eyes explode and utter joy;. Merry Christmas

Here it is

also my idea about a rainbow flamethrower might actually come into play. the meet the pyro blogpost "were holding off on the new weapons and items so we dont spoil meet the pyro. Rainbow flamethrower pls.

Meet the Pyro

Meet the Pyro

Meet the pyro

The item set i want them to announce: Rainbow Set (for pyro)

The rainbow flamethrower (1st), lollipop axe (melee), the bubble flare gun (2nd), and that sugar twirlly thing with the horn on it (misc)

WOW they actually did it, they added what i wanted so much! (except the bubble gun)

also the pyro vision goggles. everything is green grass, blue skies, flowers, candy. When someone gets hurt they laugh. Everybody has high pitch voices. You can see they new pyro weapons. Dominations are now player is "best friends with" player. Revenge is now player "broke up" with player. Also blood is now balloons, candy and conffetti. Rocket launchers now shoot a bubble trail instead of a fire trail. Anyone on fire appears to have glitter on them. Can be used on all classes.

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